A Great Choice for Your MRI

As the only "TRUE OPEN" MRI scanner in Vermont, we offer the most comfortable MRI in the area AND the most affordable. We will gladly give you a price quote prior to your appointment and encourage you to compare costs with other MRI providers... we are confident we will save you hundreds of dollars. We can often get you scheduled within a couple of days. We've been consistently recognized by our patients for our outstanding customer service and patient care.

More Comfort

As a true "OPEN' MRI scanner we offer the most comfortable MRI experience in the area. Our scanner has a specialized design that is Open on the sides, not enclosed like the traditional tunnel or tube scanners typically associated with MRI. We offer more OPEN space for your comfort than even a wide-bore or bigger tunnel scanner.
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More Convenience

Most of the time we are able to offer appointments within five business days. Results are generally available within one to two business days after your appointment. We are conveniently located at the intersection of Kennedy Drive and Hinesburg Rd (VT Rt 116). Free parking is just steps from our front door.
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Less Cost

As an independent, outpatient facility, our contracted rates with your insurance company are the lowest in the area - often hundreds of dollars less than other facilities. Our MRI's start at $799 ($1199 with contrast... but can be EVEN LESS if you have insurance.
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