About Open MRI:

An Open MRI will have two flat magnets positioned over and under the patient. The scanner is OPEN on the sides, not enclosed like the traditional tunnel or tube scanners typically associated with MRI. The extra open space allows patients to feel more relaxed and comfortable during the exam and often alleviates the claustrophobic or cramped feelings that many patients experience in other types of MRI's. See the difference.

Our Locations:

We have outpatient facilities in two locations: South Burlington, VT and West Lebanon, NH. The South Burlington location is conveniently located minutes from I-89 near the intersection of Hinesburg Rd. and Kennedy Drive. The New Hampshire location is conveniently located at the intersection of I-89 and I-91 in the Lebanon Airport Business Park. Free parking is just steps from our front door.

About Us:

Vermont Open MRI is very proud to be independently owned and operated. As an outpatient facility we believe patients should have a choice as to where they receive their medical care and understand that there are a variety of considerations that figure in to making the best decision that meets your needs. We anticipate that cost, comfort and convenience are major factors in your decision making process and that is why we strive to be the region’s lowest cost, quickest access and most comfortable MRI scanner. Our staff makes every effort to provide superior customer service that you may not receive at larger, hospital-based facilities and want you to leave Vermont Open MRI feeling confident that you made the right choice. Schedule your MRI at Vermont Open MRI and experience the difference!  

I am so pleased that my doctor recommended your facility. During my two previous, closed MRI’s, I suffered through by pretending I was somewhere else to ease the claustrophobia. This experience was VERY different. I was completely relaxed and had no anxiety. I relaxed to the point of being on the verge of napping….so much nicer!
— Amy H., South Burlington, VT
Overall great experience! Quick service, easy parking and informative, friendly staff. I would highly recommend anyone to come here!
— Mary B., Colchester VT
My doctor recommended Vermont Open MRI because he knew it would be less expensive and that they could see me right away. I have had a closed/tube MRI before and did not like it! Vermont OPEN MRI was a much less stressful experience. There was no wait time, the technologist talked me through the exam and I liked that I could listen to my favorite radio station.
— Richard H., Jericho, VT