Vermont Open MRI welcomes our Canadian neighbors

At Vermont Open MRI we believe you should have access to affordable and timely MRIs. We routinely schedule Canadian patients who are thrilled to learn that they or their loved ones do not have to wait months for an MRI and are willing to spend the out-of-pocket expense to have a diagnosis.

Close to Home but a Great Place Stay

Since we are only 45 minutes from the Canadian border and 90 minutes from Montreal most of our patients come here for their MRI and are home before supper time. However, some patients prefer to take advantage of all the sites, skiing and shopping that the Burlington area has to offer. We have negotiated special rates with the following, nearby hotels. Click here to download the full list of participating hotels. Make sure you mention Vermont Open MRI when scheduling your room. 

Your Costs

All non-contrast MRI’s are $799.00 and MRI’s that require a contrast injection are $1199.00.  Payment must be in the form of a debit/credit card or cash (US currency).  We do not accept checks. NO other fees will apply.

What we need to get you scheduled:

  1. We will need your doctor to fax us an order for your MRI procedure.  It is best if your doctor uses our MRI order form to make sure we have all the information we need to perform the proper MRI and make sure you will be safe during your procedure.  
  2. If you have had prior imaging (X-RAY, MRI or CT) imaging to the area we are scanning, we will need to have those images (DICOM format only) and the written report mailed or hand delivered so that our radiologist can use for a comparison. We only need your MOST RECENT images and do not need any images that are over 10 years old.
  3. If your exam requires a contrast injection or and you are over 60 years old or diabetic, we will need to have your creatinine levels within the past 90 days. We DO NOT perform this blood work at our office and will need to knows these levels prior to your appointment.


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